- Jill E.
Customer Comments

I just wanted to let you know my son-in-law purchased a ATV for my Granddaughter for Christmas. It made her day. I want to thank you all for everything,the ATV arrived in time and was in perfect shape. Thanks to Steve for answering all my questions, I called many times !! haha Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a good New Year. Again thank you.

- Jill E. (12/28/11)

I purchased 2 ATVs for the kids for Christmas and we want to thank you so much for all of your help in making this such a wonderful experience. Although the quick response time and shipping were notable, it was the prompt and excellent customer service you and the team provided that made this entire experience wonderful. We can't wait to see their smiles and the excitement on their faces in the morning. Thanks for your part in making this a memorable Christmas for them!!!!

- Kawanna and George (12/24/11)

I want to thank you so much for the great service you have provided us. Our daughters won't see the 4 wheeler until Christmas morning, but my husband and I have already taken it for a test drive! I know they will be just as excited to receive it as we were! Thanks again!

- Terry & Sara H (11/29/11)

- ()

We received our parts for our ATV today. thank you for the excellent service. That is the reason We are repeat customers. I'm sure we will buy another soon. Once again, thank you.

- Chuck T. (6/22/11)

Hello Steve, the ATV arrived Friday as scheduled. No damage at all in fact extremely pleased with every thing.. It was put together same night with out any problem...Was given to my daughter today and was impressed with the quality and performance of the machine... In short, thank you for your services and bringing joy to my daughter. Blessings to you and yours Thank you

- Marco (5/30/11)

Just wanted to let you know that the 150D we ordered a week ago arrived today. We got it put together and have had a blast on it all afternoon! It was easy to assemble and is a lot better quality than I ever expected! Thanks!

- Belinda (5/18/11)

Trevor I want to thank you and budget ATV for my (2) 4 wheelers me and my better haft an little girl we are having a ball with them and thanks for the good service on the battery my little girl is next and I will be buying another one from you again thanks

- Andrew W. (4/11/2011)

Trevor, I want to thank you so much for the help. The carburetor arrived and my son and I installed this weekend it in about 45 minutes (if we had to do it again it would be much faster). It works great and no leaks and the scooter is working fine.

- Mark E. (3/21/11)

Please take a moment of your time and pass on a job well done to Brad. One of my son's friends drove our almost new ATV into a pond. Brad provided us guidance and after following his advise and putting on a new carburetor it started right up. Talk about a very excited 10 year old. Thank you and your outstanding staff.

- Bradley Morrison (02/28/11)

I just wanted to let you know that our ATV arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for making the shipment arrive before Christmas. I didn't expect it until after Christmas. And to my surprise it came yesterday. I am very thankful that you were able to make my 12 year old sons Christmas a good one. And I will recommended you to everyone that asks about it. I can not express my gratitude enough for you making this a great Christmas for my son. I just wanted to let you know that!!!! I hope you have a joyous Christmas and the happiest New Year. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

- Goldie J. (12/23/10)

I purchased a childs 110cc ATV from you in May of this year (2010) to present to my son on his 6th birthday. I must admit, given the relatively low price of the ATV, I was not expecting much. Much to my surprise the ATV has performed flawlessly. The unit was fairly easy to assemble (and the documentation was great). After assembling the ATV, changing the oil and sparkplug, adding the battery and filling up with fuel, it started right up. Every time my son goes to ride his ATV it starts right up and runs great! I just wanted to share my story with you and let you know how pleased I am with your company. Whether it be the outstanding customer service I received during the buying process and or the overall satisfaction with the ATV itself.

- Jim B. (10/13/10)

I purchased the 125D for my Son a couple of months ago. All I can say is the smile on his face is priceless. The support and service of your team is just excellent. Thank you!

- Scott W. (9/28/10)

The ATA-110B1 that we purchased for our grandson is great. Had to get a couple of washers and dust covers for the front wheels and the service team was great. Gave it to our grandson Saturday afternoon for his birthday. He was just elated and has been riding it and having a ball. You should have seen his face beaming and smiling when he opened it. Thanks. When he outgrows this one I will be back for a larger one!

- Lester S. (09/07/10)

I received the 125H sometime in late April and I just wanted to say that it's great. I had one small problem with the foot brake but the tech support helped us get a new one. This is a great ATV I ride it everyday. Thanks to everyone at Budget ATVs.

- Aneesh S. (8/17/10)

Scooter Team, I was able to repair my scooter with a new spark plug turned out to be an easy fix. The service tech sent me in the right direction with diagnosing the problem. My experience with this purchase could not have been better and that is appreciated. I have referred you to many people already everyone asks about the bikes. Thanks again.

- Brian C. (8/12/10)

Dear Sir or Ma'am I wanted to follow up and let you know that, after getting a replacement ATV shipment and unpacking it this weekend, my son is having a blast. I did call today but was not able to get through to the applicable department in order to request a replacement seat for our ATV. When we unwrapped the plastic wrap from around the seat we noticed a tear in the material (cover). Please advise on how to get another seat shipped out. Thank you again for making it affordable to own an ATV. I may never get a chance to relax again since I no sooner drive into the garage an my son (Caleb) is waiting for me. He is ready to ride!!!

- Brad M. (8/9/10)

Santa brought a 110 ATV a year and a half ago. The ATV is still holding up well with a lot of use. My biggest surprise though isn't from the ATV but the company. The staff is always friendly, helpful and responsive. I've never had a problem replacing a broken part, we've had a few. I would recommend the company to anyone without hesitation. Keep up the great work.

- Richard S. (07/07/10)

I bought a 300h1 four wheeler and I am very pleased with it.It went together like a breeze and runs and rides great.Im going to buy another one for my wife.everyone at budget atv are great to deal with.thanks guys...*******

- Larry T. (07/06/10)

Brad (Head ATV Tech) I wanted to thank you,you are one of the good guys left around thanks again

- Bruce B. (06/22/10)

We received our ATA 125-D And want to tell you it's a great machine and we are very pleased with it. Thank You!

- Richard C (06/11/10)

We purchased the ATA110-F for our grandson last month and are very pleased with the quality of the ATV and the exceptional phone help we have received. Our grandson was amazed with the ATV and is anxious for it to rain so he can ride it in the mud. We were apprehensive about getting tech support but we should not have been. The tech support team is superb, as is your website. Now our neighbor is getting one for his daughter. Thanks for everything!

- Judy C. (06/07/10)

Hi there Budget! I just wanted to say what a fantastic product line you guys have. I ordered the ATA110-F for my daughters birthday and she absolutely loves it! The delivery was spectacular, I ordered it on the Thursday and it was delivered for the following Monday. Assembly was surprising simple for a none petrol head like myself, the dvd walk through is a great touch. Looks like I'll be getting myself one in the very near future. Thanks again.

- Darren R. (05/27/10)

Budget Crew:

Thank you for the prompt deliver of the foot rest broken during delivery. I changed it out and was able to give it to my grandson just in time. Also, the ATV cranked on the very first try and I followed your instruction to the tee. It was great doing business with you. I have two friends that looked at the machine and they are going to buy one for their grandsons birthdays. Again thank you so much. I have the extended warranty and I hope I never have to use it, however it is good to know you honor your product and parts.

A customer of Budget's for my ATV needs. I will probably be purchasing another one next year for my granddaughter.

- Al H. (05/15/10)

We are very pleased with the ATA 110B purchased in December 2009. We've had no problems getting any questions answered and the product is absolutely amazing to my daughter!!! Thank you for such a great company and the wonderful layaway plan. Your website has been recommended to family and friends!

- Angie K. (05/12/10)

I've been VERY impressed with the quick responses I've had with my questions for you and thank you so much for giving me confidence in our purchase of the ATA110-F for our grandson. You are correct in stating he will never be without adult supervision when riding. If we have any further questions as we work on getting it up and started, we'll get back to you. So far, I am very happy with Budget ATVs! Have a great day.

- Judith C. (05/05/10)

Last January (2009) I purchased my ATA-110F. I received it very quickly and it was fairly easy to put together. I had a couple of problems with it starting, but when I called service they sent the corrective parts to me and I was up and going for over a year. I have never had a problem with the battery and am very happy with my purchase. I just have to remember to choke it on cool mornings, after that it cranks every time... I recommend this company and their products highly. A very satisfied customer!!

- Betty S. (4/27/10)

I wanted to say what a great company Budget ATV's is.I just received my kids 4 wheeler and I was amazed.It started right up and I had to take it for a spin.Ran great.It will be the perfect Christmas gift.Thank you for all your help in selling affordable 4 wheelers.

- Eddie Thompson (11/23/09)

Hello, this letter is to express extreme gratitude towards Budget and their crew! I received my ATV just the other day from the layaway program (which, by the way, works awesome!) and everything is as expected. We ran into a few hiccups along the way (back ordered, change of address, ect) and the entire process went so smooth and was handled so well, I barley had to lift a finger!! Big kudos to everyone from the people on the phones to the guys in warehouse! Both my 8 yr. old son and I thank you-and will recommend you to family, friends and everyone else who is in the market for an ATV or accessories. -Billings, MT

- Mike E. (08/13/09)

I had the pleasure of speaking with a Steve today on the phone and we ordered two four wheelers, had are having them delivered. So far doing business with this company has been a pleasure. Steve was able to answer all of our questions and helped us decided what we needed to do. Thank you and my kids will thank you when they realize what we got them! This is a surprise!

- Jennifer T (06/15/09)

I ordered a four wheeler on Monday and I received it on Thursday. I was pleased with the customer service that was provided to me when ordering the four wheeler. It took me about an hour to assemble the four wheeler together and within minutes my son was enjoying his birthday present. I will definitely order from here again.

Another Satisfied Customer,

- Aaron M. Cruz (04/10/09)

We are forever grateful for the wonderful services we are experiencing with Budget ATV's. Because of the low prices, we were able to get 3 ATV's through the very easy layaway plan. Our grand kids are in for the best Christmas ever! Your prices are so reasonable that we are again utilizing your layaway plan for another ATV for us to ride along with our grand kids. All of our questions were answered gracefully and the free shipping cannot be beat.

Thanks Budget ATV, Grateful Grandparents from Arkansas

- Jeffery & Betty S. (12/16/08)

"AWESOME" in every way! We ordered the ATA-110H Large Youth and this ATV is "Awesome". I paid this off on Friday and by Wednesday of the next week, it was delivered. We had a slight problem with a big truck coming on our country road, so I had it delivered to where my husband worked. My husband and the guys assembled the ATV in about 2 hours and I am sure you can imagine what they did next. Yes, they all decided that they had to test drive it and make sure it ran good. All the guys there were extremely amazed at this ATV and asked where they could get one. They just could not believe the price we paid. So, I know this machine will definitely be a hit for the kids that it was bought for. BudgetATV...You guys are great and your service is absolutely wonderful. I know where I will be coming to when the kids ask for a second ATV. Thanks again for such wonderful service.

- Peggy (12/17/08)

What a great deal!!! thank you

- CHASE S. ()


- Albert H (12/9/08)

I still can't believe that i got the atv so fast! Free shipping to my home! I love the quality of this atv can't imagine spending 2 grand on a honda 50cc when i got 110cc from you for less than $500 I will tell everybody to buy from budget atvs!!!!

- Tom k. (12/1/08)

We used the Layaway program and had an awesome experience with the customer service. They were so helpful and understanding with ALL of my questions. My kids had the best Christmas. We were able to get 3 because of the great price, and were surprised how great they looked, way better in person. There were alot of people skeptical because of the price until they saw them run. Thanks for making us look good. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to doing business with you again!! Hopefully soon

- Kathleen B. (12/28/07)

Thank you, yes, we received it very promptly, and as expected. We're very happy with the entire experience. "John" helped me with my order (I had particular issues with my debit card's daily spending limit and John spent several days patiently working me through it). Christmas morning my dad, brother, and boyfriend assembled the ATV in about an hour with relative ease.

My cool pictures

Thanks again!

Christine G.

- Christine G. (12/28/07)

Thank you for the prompt delivery. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

- Blanco G. (12/17/07)

Received the ATV today. Great service, great delivery. Thanks

- Phillip B. (12/17/07)

Ipurchased a Tonga 110 DLX for my son for christmas. The delivery came sooner than I thought and the assembly was easy. I took it for a spin after I prepped it, the quality of the machine is great! My son is going to be thrilled when he sees it. I am going to buy one for myself thanks alot Budget Atv.

- Donniele G. (11/27/07)

We purchased one and found it to be a great ATV, so we decided to purchase a second one for another grandchild. The shipping was fast and the shipping company was very helpful also. Thanks for a great product.


- Arline S. (11/08/07)

Thank you so much , you said it would be here and it got here, and since it got here when you said it would you will be happy to know I will order an ATV for my little girl with in the next 2weeks. Then after the first of the year I will order one for myself. Im so glad I found your website, thank you so much, I have told many people about it so you should have alot of orders coming from Louisiana in the next few weeks, Thanks again.

- Michael T. (11/05/07)

We bought our daughter the Hawk 110cc. She loves it, works great and she rides it all the time. The remote is outstanding for safety. Great purchase! Recommend for anyone.

Thanks,again Jack

- Jack S. (10/30/07)

Subject: Very pleased

I received my Hell Kat 250 back on the 15th of Sept. WOW this is one sweet machine. Assembly was a snap. My family took all of our quads up to the mountains last saturday. The Hell Kat is smooth, responsive and extremely strong. It climbs like a mountain goat. I've owned many atvs throught the years, this one is definitely a keeper. My oldest son is now saving his money to buy a Hell Kat for himself.

Thanks Budget!

- Jeff S. (10/18/07)

Yes we have told our friends about your site--our girls are having all kinds of fun with the 4 wheeler and they haven't even left the yard yet!!! Our oldest girls are 12 with several younger kids riding too and so we LOVE the remote switch--You may be hearing from us again- -Thank you-

- Kelly C. (09/29/07)

Subject: Woodsman 300XL I would like to thank you all for an outstanding ATV everything that you said about this ATV is true it's huge and it runs as good as a honda or any other big name brand ATV. I will recommend all of my friends who are looking for an ATV to Budget ATVs, you guys are truly the best. Once again thanks to Justin for the help.

- Quentin C. (09/16/07)

Thanks Guys, Our son loves his new 4-wheeler (110 big tire model). I expected less for the money, and would not hesitate to recommend this to others. Shipping...awesome! WE WILL BE BACK

Brian & Stephanie

Dusty says thanks too!!

- Brian H. (08/26/07)

Hello, We received the kids ATV that we ordered from you. Let me first say that we are extremely pleased with the speed of the shipping on your part. That is a very nice quality in a company. Again, we are very pleased with the fast shipping of your company. And, also your quick responses to our inquiries via email.

Thank you, Joseph

- Joseph T. (08/18/07)

Got my Eagle 110 yesterday! We love it! My son rode all day long. My neighbors saw it and could not believe we paid so little for such an awesome atv! Thanks so much for all your help.

- Rodney (07/20/07)

We bought a 110 Big Wheel for my son and he loves it. Works great even in the woods. Climbs hills great and the price for even a 50 at a shop is $1000, Thanks Alot Budget ATVs!

- Beverly (07/18/07)

WOW what a deal just got my 6 year old son the Eagle 110 cc 4 wheeler and he loves it, This thing is great, all the safety and quality of the brand names ones with a great price. I did a lot of looking around and comparing prices and this is the way to go. Thank you Budget ATVs.

- Brad (07/13/07)

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of our new Hawk 110. It was here within 6 days. We bought it for our son's 3rd birthday. He loves it and we love it, it's the cutest thing. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!!

- Nicole T. (07/09/07)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Budget ATVs. We received our 4-wheeler in record time and we can't keep our son off of it!!! It's the coolest thing. Thanks again Budget Crew !!!!

- AnneMarie J. (07/03/7)

My son just received his first gas ATV. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!! Thank you for the OUTSTANDING DEAL and the AWESOME SHIPPING CO. and for keeping us so informed. We couldn't be more pleased. I plan to tell everyone I know how to get a Budget ATV. THANKS!

- Kevin M. (06/23/07)

WHAT A DEAL!!!! this atv looks ands runs perfect, my girl is having a blast and I'am happy because of the price. It was packed very,very well and arrived in perfect condition, thanks. Ive been telling everyone I see.

- Lynelle B. (06/20/2007)

We bought the pink ATV for our daughter's 8th birthday and she just loves it. She wants to ride it all the time and we are having a blast watching her! Your shipping was great, the shipping company even unloaded the trailer early so we could pick it up at the dock to have for her birthday party!

Thank you for the easy website and the ease of ordering and your quality product. We will certainly pass the good word on to many of our family and friends.
Thanks again!

- Joe Z. (06/09/07)

Hi, my name is Steven and I recieved my quad, it runs really good, quality is good and I'm really happy with my purchase. I like that that it's only took less than two weeks to be delivered to my door step. My brother saw my atv and he couldn't belive that I pay so little for brand new atv. His bithday comming up and he is going to order one for himself. Thanks to Budget team for great service and the good product.

- Steven (06/03/07)

I just want to tell you thank you for my rush order. My son loves his birthday present. It was a 70cc blue camo. The look on his face was price less. I just wanted to say that we are happy with our order and will probably up grading in a few months or a year or so. thank you again you will be hearing from us again.

- Kristen and Jason (05/31/2007)

My kid has been riding his Hawk 110 through tall weeds, mud, etc non stop for about 2- weeks now and the little wheeler is holding up great. I've been into Atvs most of my life and my opinion is these machines are a great value.

- Mark J. (05/18/07)

Budget ATV's, I got the 110 cc atv and my son loves it. I can even ride it and I'm 5'-10" 200lbs. I think it was a very good deal. I'm even thinking about maybe buying a 250cc for me. Thanks alot for everything.

- David F. (05/10/07)

Dear Budget ATVs,
I recieved my shipment, they are both great and my Grandkids love them! Thank you for having such a great deal for me to be able to get two ATV'S for my grandkids. Thanks again.

- Susan M. (05/05/07)

My daughter is having a blast with her new toy and now the whole family can go riding together. To see her flying around on the dirt trails makes a mom proud that she following in my footsteps. Thank-you again for selling a good product at a great price that we could afford. I am recommending you folks to everyone I talk too. Have a great day!!

- Jennifer P. (04/11/07)

My brother-in-law referred me to your site and so I ordered without speaking to anyone. Thank you for the e-mails and phone call letting me know every stage of what was going on with shipping and delivery. Great Service, Great Product!

- Joseph F. (04/06/07)

This was my first time buying something on the internet and I couldn't be more pleased! We ordered the ATV on Friday and received it the following Thursday! It runs great and I think I'm gonna have to purchase one for myself to ride with my kid. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

- Jeff C. (04/04/07)

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